Elysian Fields | Best Organic Farming
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Elysian Fields “In Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields is the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent. In Homer’s writings the Elysian Plain was a land of perfect happiness”. We are 100% black women-owned and our aims are to provide the best quality, ‘chem-free’ produce that has consistent quality and grading. Originally a KIWA-BCS Euro certified organic farm for ten years, we acquired the farm in 2017 and continued organic farming until 2020; where we pivoted to ‘chem-free’ farming due to market competitiveness, extremely high costs and small market share of organic farming buyers.

Mandy Jayakody is the farm owner and has been a consultant in climate change and sustainability in the built environment for over 15 years. Mandy has a Master in Engineering and has been involved globally in green innovation projects and sustainability strategy.

Jayakody is the operations director and through his operations, business, marketing and strategy expertise has pivoted the farming business into year on year growth.

James Dlamini is a young and aspiring farmer who is in charge of day to day operations, client liaison, pest control, soil management, and planting programming. He provides supervision to all staff on site, and is in charge of all plant and equipment. James has been with Elysian Fields since 2018.

Paul Gideons is the logistics manager, in charge of production, logistics operations and new business development. He has a further role in ensuring only the best produce leaves our farm and relays the customers needs to the team, thus ensuring real-time responsiveness.




• We grow vegetables, the healthy way
• We follow organic principles of farming, with the only change from pure organic farming is that our seeds are conventional
• All soil management, pesticides, treatments etc are organical certified products and processes Your diet is your bank account. Good food choices are good investments. Bethenny Frankel




Planning & Engagement
Field Production Harvesting & Packaging Storage Delivery
Seeds and seedling selection and quality control Crop rotation Research into sustainable packaging to incorporate these into our business practice is being undertaken Produce is not refrigerated but delivered on the day of harvest Delivery services are our value add, with an option of refrigerated delivery
Liason with potential buyers No hazardous pesticides and biocides used Harvesting and packaging take place within the same day Our facilities are secure, clean and well designed to optimise flow We can deliver any time, to any destination within Gauteng based on volumes
programming and planting scheduling
Sustainable farming practices including soil and water management



• Broccoli – Parthenon variety
• Swiss Chard
• Green, Yellow and Red sweet chillie peppers



Our intentions are:
• To incorporate more sustainable practices in the operation and running of the farm, this includes exploring innovations in soil, water and energy management.
• To expand the field production to include an Agro-processing unit.
• To engage other farmers operating with a similar ethos in creating symbiotic relationships to improve collaboration and support.